New Report Forecasts High Growth Potential and Innovation Opportunities in the Green Building Materials Sector

The green building materials sector is not just a trend; it's a revolution that promises to reshape the construction landscape.

August 10, 2023

In a bold stride towards a sustainable future, the global building industry is set to undergo a transformative shift, with the Asia Pacific region emerging as a driving force behind robust growth in the green building materials sector. A new report by BCC Research presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry's potential and highlights key trends and technologies that will shape the future of construction.

 The building sector currently accounts for 38% of carbon emissions worldwide. However, the adoption of green building products, combined with efficient utilization of traditional materials, could slash these emissions by an astonishing 80%.

 Notably, the residential sector aims to substantially reduce carbon dioxide equivalents (GtCO2e) by 2050 through material efficiency strategies involving green building materials. These strategies can reduce emissions by 2.2 to 4.8 gigatons annually.

 With construction waste producing a staggering 100 billion tons globally each year, of which 35% ends up in landfills, the imperative for change has never been more pronounced.

 Key projections include:

 Innovative Technologies on the Horizon: Emerging technologies like carbon-cured cement, bio-based concrete materials, and 3D printing for buildings are edging closer to reality than ever before.

Asia Pacific Spearheading Growth: The Asia Pacific region is poised for explosive growth, with China and India leading the way over the next five years.

Revolutionizing Building Renovation: In the U.S. and Europe, significant opportunities lie in the building renovation market, particularly in green insulation products.

Insulation Leading the Charge: The insulation market is anticipated to be the largest, especially in developed countries like the U.S. and Europe.

 Analysts at BCC Research predict a remarkable 13.6% growth in the green building products industry over the next five years. Industry leaders such as Saint-Gobain, Holcim, Heidelberg Materials, James Hardie, and Owens Corning, actively invest in this sector, underscoring its significance and potential.

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Green Building Materials: Global Markets( AVM239A )
Publish Date: Jul 2023    

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