Expanding Biotech Market Offers Variety of Career Opportunities

Professionals with Immunology Background Will Have Strong Advantage

March 08, 2019

WELLESLEY, Mass., March 08, 2019— A new report from BCC Research, “Emerging Jobs in Life Sciences and What You Should Be Training For Now,” outlines emerging trends and job opportunities in various Life Sciences fields.

Employment conditions and opportunities are constantly evolving, and this requires us to update our skill set and knowledge base on a continual basis. This analysis of current and emerging trends in the market can be helpful in making the right decisions based on our personality, education and other skills.

Top fields in Life Sciences include: Immuno-oncology, CRISPR, Genomic Data Sequencing, AI, Nanotechnology and Neurobiology.

Report Highlights

  • Immuno-oncology. Well-educated and skilled scientists, particularly in cell isolation, cell manipulation and overall cell culture techniques will be very marketable.
  • CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat). Scientists with extensive knowledge of gene sequence manipulation, CRISPR and nucleic acids design can contribute tremendously to drug development.
  • Genomic Data Sequencing. The market needs not only people who can organize and analyze genetic data, but also genetic counselors who can make the right conclusion about our genetic potential and how to deal with it.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Many types of AI jobs will be available, such as software analysts and developers, computer scientists and computer engineers, algorithm specialists, research scientists and bioengineers.
  • Nanotechnology and 3D Printing. Candidates who supplement their classical medical and life science expertise with engineering, design and modeling skills will be successful.
  • Neurobiology. Neurophotonics and neuromarketing are niche fields in nascent stages that can give future job candidate a leg up to become influential figures.

“Overall, the expanding biotech market offers a variety of carriers. Newly developed disciplines and trends in the biotech industry are helpful to find new exciting job opportunities. In addition, non-laboratory positions such as business development, marketing, regulatory as well as healthcare economics can be part of a future career path consideration,” said BCC Research analysts.

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Emerging Jobs in Life Sciences and What You Should Be Training for Now( BIO186A )
Publish Date: Feb 2019    

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