Human Microbiome Drugs and Diagnostics to Reach US$10B by 2024

June 06, 2017

WELLESLEY, Mass., –Jun 13, 2017 – Emerging therapies and treatments that explore the human microbiome are moving from labs to doctor’s offices, with potential to reach $10 billion annually by 2024. In the first-ever report by BCC Research, the industry’s prospects and scientific leaders are studied for both clinical offerings and market opportunities.

Humans have more than 100 trillion microbes and 2 million microbial genes that affect a range of conditions including cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, Crohn’s Disease and colitis, dental problems and chronic infections. Lactose intolerance and other dietary or obesity issues are also being connected to individual human biomes. From less than $56 million in 2016 U.S. annual sales, the drug and diagnostic tools emerging from microbiome research are poised for the greatest impact in the U.S., with global expansion predicted, according to the report Human Microbiome-based Drugs and Diagnostics: Global Markets.

Investors, scientific research, medical professionals and academics are all converging on this discipline. Rare diseases or ‘orphan diseases’ not addressed by pharmaceutical companies are another area of impact worldwide.

Research Highlights

  • Industry-wide, drugs are expected to represent 95 percent of the financial generated and diagnostics providing the rest. U.S. jobs are connected to flooring including installers, manufacturing and distribution roles.
  • More than 25 companies and another 50-plus academic program are exploring product pipelines for new treatments and patient options.
  • Gastrointestinal disease is estimated to be 35 percent of the microbiome market and cancer is another 13 percent.

“The United States could account for a brand-new market of nearly $7 billion within a decade with entirely new treatments for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to skin infections and inflammatory conditions,” said Robert G Hunter, Senior Editor Healthcare, BCC Research. "This could be a revolution in the making for doctors, patients, investors, and scientists.”

New Rules and Studies Needed

Like many emerging technologies, microbiome-based companies and medical treatments should navigate regulatory controls and other developments. Frameworks such as clinical trial standards, protections for intellectual property and ownership rules will develop both nationally and worldwide. And definitions are still evolving for different bacteria – some are live, others are engineered – and rules for donors and recipients of bacteria or small molecules.

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Publish Date: May 2017    

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