UV Curable Coatings are Key to Sustainable Production, New BCC Research Report Shows

The market size for UV curable coatings is projected to grow by a whopping $13.1 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 9.6%.

October 20, 2023

VOC regulations spur manufacturers to switch to UV curable, which could lead to drastically more sustainable production in numerous industries. 

Boston: Regulation and sustainability initiatives have forced manufacturers of solvent-based paint and coatings to drastically change their disposal methods. That’s why UV curable coatings are a very desirable alternative. Innovations in UV curable paint can pave the way for sustainability outside of production, such as in the graphic arts, varnishes, and packaging industries. 

The market size for UV curable coatings is projected to grow by a whopping $13.1 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 9.6%. This growth is due to an increase in demand for waterborne UV coating systems, UV curable in construction, and for UV cured resin used in printing. 

The biggest players in UV curable coatings are global companies, such as BASF SE, AkzoNobel, and PPG Industries. Companies to watch include these global producers, as well as Asian Pacific companies like Eternal Materials Co. and DIC Corporation. These major corporations also have their hands in a number of other industries such as ink production and vehicle manufacturing, which could contribute to their success with UV curable. 

Readers of BCC Research’s report, UV Curable Coatings: Global Market,will gain insight into: 

  • The applications of UV curable in areas including, but not limited to, electric car production, radiation damage prevention, coil coatings, and wood coatings based on nanotechnology. 

  • Financial findings about UV curable coatings such as their effect on the economics of emerging technology and how their aid in achieving sustainability objectives will result in cost savings. 

  • Market insights and segmentation involving UV curable coatings, including projected growth, market share, and how coatings composed of oligomers, monomers, and photoinitiators are segmented. 

  • How UV curable coatings are more eco-friendly. The 100% solid basis leaves no evaporation or losses. The report also illustrates how this will lead to a decrease in solvent-based applications. 

Professionals who are in manufacturing, foundries, and research, and academic institutions will benefit most from BCC Research’s report. Investors should also consider reading the report because of the growth and profitability of UV curable coatings as an industry. 

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UV-Curable Coatings: Global Market( CHM184A )
Publish Date: Oct 2023    

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