Paving the Way for Smarter Cities: Trends and Markets in Smart Parking Technologies

Cutting-Edge Research Unveils Striking Expansion of Global Smart Parking Technologies Market, with a Staggering Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.1%

February 14, 2024

Boston: Discover the future of parking with our exploration of Smart Parking Technologies and Global Markets. This brief journey explores the latest advancements in parking technology and their impact on global markets. From intelligent sensors to data-driven solutions, join us in uncovering the key trends and market dynamics propelling the evolution of smart parking on a global scale.

“According to the latest research study, the demand for Smart Parking Technologies and Global Markets grow from $38.7 billion in 2023 and is estimated to increase from $88.8 billion in 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% from 2023 to 2028.”         

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of smart parking with this report, offering a comprehensive overview of global market trends. Anchored in the pivotal year of 2022, the analysis extends its gaze into the future, forecasting market dynamics through 2028. Delving into the nuances of hardware, software, and services, as well as diverse parking solution types, technologies, end-users, and regional landscapes, the report provides a roadmap for understanding the transformative forces at play. It's a revealing exploration of the market's evolution, carefully crafted to illuminate key insights and projections. Notably, while the report sheds light on revenue forecasts across various dimensions, it refrains from delving into the intricacies of hardware costs and volumes, ensuring a focused and streamlined narrative.

The surge in the number of vehicles on the roads, coupled with government initiatives like smart cities, is anticipated to drive the development of improved traffic and parking management solutions in regions such as Asia-Pacific and Oceana by 2030. The widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role, leveraging data from sensors and cameras to create intelligent parking management systems. These devices, strategically placed in and around parking lots, efficiently detect available parking spots. Looking ahead, the smart parking market is poised for significant transformation with the advent of automated vehicles (AVs). Forward-thinking cities in the industry are already testing self-parking vehicles, automated parking lots, and robotic parking valets. For instance, ParkPlus, a leading provider of automated parking systems, is actively working on deploying a fully automated parking garage, marking a notable stride in the future of smart parking.

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Driving forces behind the smart parking technologies and global market’s growth comprise:

  1. Growing Demand for IoT-Based Vehicles-The rise of IoT-based vehicles signifies a surging demand for connected and smart automotive solutions. With features like real-time data exchange, predictive maintenance, and enhanced safety, these vehicles are at the forefront of transforming the driving experience. As consumers increasingly seek seamless connectivity, the demand for IoT-based vehicles is rapidly gaining momentum, shaping the future of the automotive industry.
  2. More Vehicles on the Road-The increasing number of vehicles on the road highlights a growing challenge in urban mobility and infrastructure. This surge in traffic poses implications for congestion, environmental impact, and the need for innovative solutions to ensure efficient and sustainable transportation systems.
  3. Government Policies and Regulations to Support Smart Parking-Government policies and regulations are crucial drivers for the advancement of smart parking solutions. With a focus on enhancing urban mobility and reducing traffic congestion, policymakers are increasingly supporting initiatives that promote the implementation of smart parking technologies. These regulations play a pivotal role in fostering innovation, encouraging the adoption of intelligent parking systems, and contributing to the development of more efficient and sustainable urban environments.

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Report Synopsis

Report Metrics


Base year considered


Forecast Period considered


Base year market size

$35.6 billion

Market Size Forecast

$88.8 billion

Growth Rate

CAGR of 18.1% for the forecast period of 2023-2028

Segment Covered

Offering, Parking Solution Type, Technology, End User

Regions covered

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)

Countries covered           

U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Key Market Drivers

  • Growing Demand for IoT-Based Vehicles
  • More Vehicles on the Road
  • Government Policies and Regulations to Support Smart Parking


The Rising Demand for Smart Parking Technologies and Global Markets:

The global demand for smart parking technologies is on the rise, shaping markets worldwide. With a focus on efficiency and overcoming parking challenges, intelligent solutions are gaining traction. From advanced sensors to data-driven management systems, the market is undergoing a transformative shift. This increasing demand not only impacts urban mobility but also drives innovation in the broader context of smart city development. The future promises a seamlessly integrated and technologically advanced approach to parking, reflecting the growing importance of intelligent solutions on a global scale.

Trends and Innovations:

Delve into the dynamic landscape of smart parking technologies with a focus on current trends and innovations shaping global markets. From state-of-the-art sensors to groundbreaking management systems, this exploration unveils the forefront of parking solutions. Discover the evolving industry as it adapts to modern urban needs, providing insights into the exciting future of smart parking technologies.

Challenges and Opportunities

Navigate the challenges and opportunities in the realm of smart parking technologies, influencing global markets. From overcoming urban congestion to capitalizing on technological advancements, this exploration sheds light on the dynamic landscape. Uncover the potential hurdles and the promising openings, offering a glimpse into the evolving world of smart parking solutions and the broader opportunities they present on a global scale.

This report on the smart parking technologies and global markets provides comprehensive insights and analysis, addressing the following key questions:

1.       What is the market's expected size and rate of growth?

  • Over the forecast period of 2023–2028, the smart parking technologies market was expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1%, from $35.6 billion in 2022 to $88.8 billion in 2028.

2.       What are the main elements propelling the market's expansion?

  • Growing demand for Internet of Things (IoT)-based automobiles, the adoption of laws and regulations to facilitate smart parking, and an increase in the number of vehicles as a result of an expanding economy are the main drivers propelling the growth of the smart parking technologies market.

3.       Which market segments are covered?

  • Based on components, parking solution type, technology, end-user, and geography, the global smart parking technologies market is divided into segments.

4.       Which market sector, according to end use, will be in the lead by 2028?

The market for smart parking technologies will remain dominated by the commercial parking segment by the end of 2028. The segment is expected to maintain its dominant position through the end of 2028 due to the growth of retail centers, sports complexes, amusement parks, and recreation centers.

5.       Which geographic area dominates the market in terms of market share?

In terms of market share, North America leads the world market for smart parking technologies. Canada and the United States both make major contributions to the worldwide market for smart parking solutions. The region's high rates of urbanization, dense population, and robust technical infrastructures are driving demand for market expansion.

Some of the Key Market Players Are:

  • 3M
  • NEDAP N.V.

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