Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics: Technologies and Global Markets

August 21, 2017

WELLESLEY, Mass., Aug 21, 2017 – Limitations posed by invasive procedures are being overcome by advances in noninvasive diagnostic techniques for cancer, a market with the potential to reach $159.8 billion by 2022. In a new report by BCC Research, the noninvasive cancer diagnostics market is examined by clinical application, technology, and end user.

Modern diagnostic techniques can help detect and classify cancer with increased accuracy and sensitivity and can also be used to monitor disease progression. Some of these new developments, such as liquid biopsy, have become noninvasive alternatives to invasive tests. In addition to liquid biopsy, the market is gradually witnessing the emergence of a range of other noninvasive diagnostic technologies. These include techniques based on molecular imaging, advanced genomic and transcriptomic methods for the detection of clinically significant biomarkers, and identification of nucleosomal levels.

All such noninvasive tests hold significant promise to enhance the quality of patient care. As a result, noninvasive cancer diagnostics are becoming more and more popular among healthcare practitioners and patients alike, according to BCC Research’s report, Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics: Technologies and Global Markets.

Research Highlights

  • Recent advances in the understanding of cancer biology have led to an explosion of innovative technologies that support the development of several new diagnostic tools.
  • The segment of noninvasive diagnostic imaging technologies is projected to grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 6.1%.
  • Advanced diagnostics for cancer represent a major market opportunity for life science companies. There has been impressive progress in technologies associated with next-generation diagnostics.

“The incidence of many cancer types is rising as the populations of developed countries continue to grow older,” said Paul Taylor, BCC Research analyst and author of this report. “As a result, there is an increasing demand for noninvasive diagnostic assays that can detect cancers earlier, subtype tumors on a molecular level to help guide therapy decisions, and monitor cancer recurrence in treated individuals.”

Early Detection and Diagnosis Are Critical

In most high-income countries, cancer is now the first- or second-leading cause of death, while in middle- and low-income countries it is slowly increasing its ranking. Not only does cancer have an economic impact due to its increasing contribution to healthcare costs, but it is also associated with high indirect costs due to loss of a patient’s ability to work.

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