Kitchen Robotics and Automation Market to Grow 16.6%, BCC Research Report Predicts

Tight labor markets, rising labor costs, and high turnover are pushing large food service outlets to adopt automation technology in their kitchens.

October 30, 2023

Tight labor markets, rising labor costs, and high turnover are pushing large food service outlets to adopt automation technology in their kitchens. 

Boston: A guacamole-generating robot that never misses a shift at Chipotle? An automated fryer that serves up 150 pounds of French fries every hour–10 times what a human fry cook can do? Robots as both sushi chefs and servers at Kura Sushi? 

Historically, the food service industry has been one of the last at the high-technology table. Not anymore. 

Kitchen automation experiments are everywhere, and robotics is poised to revolutionize the restaurant industry. True, some experiments have been a bust. Some robotic kitchens require more humans to serve up the menu than if humans were cooking all by themselves without all the gadgets. But many robotic kitchens are more efficient–and safer–than kitchens run by humans alone. Large restaurants are the early adopters of kitchen automation in North America and Europe. Even small eateries are now deploying robot chefs to replace kitchen staff in China. 

In the newly published report, Global Kitchen Robotics and Automation Market BCC Research analysts forecast that the global kitchen robotics and automation market will grow from $2.1 Billion in 2022 to $5.3 Billion in 2028–at a 16.6% CAGR.  

Driving the growth are several factors. Commercial kitchen robotics can help restaurants overcome staffing challenges and raise their customer service game. If a robot is manning the deep fryer, for example, human staff can focus on the human interaction that most customers expect. Robots can also boost kitchen worker safety and reduce food waste. 

BCC Research’s report offers research and analysis on:  

  • Factors driving development–and it’s not all just about AI. Lower sensor and actuator costs, as well as the availability of powerful software are also powering the kitchen robotics and automation market. 

  • The future of kitchen robots and AI-powered sensor systems that are going mainstream and scaling up, like Miso Robotics Inc.’s Flippy, Chippy, Sippy, and CookRight. 

  • Manufacturing companies driving the restaurant robotics revolution, such as BeeHex (bakery automation), Middleby, Moley, and Kitchen Robotics (ghost kitchens). 

Professionals who will benefit from the report’s research and analysis include food service outlet owners; executives at fast food, fast casual, and full-service restaurant chains; R&D teams who specialize in robotics, automation, sensors, AI, or software development; kitchen equipment manufacturers; food and beverage industry investors; robotics industry investors. 

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Publish Date: Aug 2023    

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