As COVID Rages, Voice Computing is Changing Healthcare

Voice Computing is Hurtling Towards Omnipresence

December 23, 2020

The North American market for voice assistant technology is skyrocketing towards $1.3 billion by 2025, and is set to become the primary way we interact with technology by 2030, according to the BCC Research report, Voice Assistant Applications: North American Markets.

 And it’s not just our smart speakers and our car’s GPS. Voice technology and the AI that is developed into it are changing the daily jobs of doctors and nurses, and assisting them in profound ways. A device in the exam room can take notes, recognize stress, give evidence-based advice and create an accurate electronic health record.

 In a BCC interview with Jack O’Leary of Nuance Communications, he predicts:

 “The future in Healthcare will allow for the use of voice to help bridge the gap between humans and technology across the care delivery ecosystem, making rigid and currently structured interactions more natural, unlocking more of the intelligence of humans. In 2030, just about every device in the clinical setting will be voice enabled. Clinicians will be unchained from the keyboard, spending more time on the patient and delivery of care.”

 Read the full report here:

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Voice Assistant Applications: North American Markets( IFT210A )
Publish Date: Oct 2020    

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