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February 27, 2024

Boston: BCC Research Membership offers unparalleled advantages for businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of market research. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, BCC Research has been a trusted source of vital insights for top-tier organizations globally. Membership provides exclusive access to an extensive library of reports, delivering essential data and intelligence across market sizing, forecasts, opportunity assessments, and competitor analysis. At BCC Research, their core mission is to drive the future of businesses by expediting advancements in an ever-evolving world. Their commitment to providing quality, relevant information ensures that members can make confident, forward-looking decisions, empowering them to stay ahead in their industries.

Membership Benefits:

Unlimited access to reports from chosen collections.

Exclusive pricing on additional reports outside of these collections

Exclusive pricing on custom consulting projects

Dedicated services team and unrivalled customer support

Priority access to analysts via the member services team

Exclusive editorial time, Q&A's and research input every quarter.

Reliable market forecasts through in-depth methodology

Membership Benefits for Corporate: 

For over 45 years, BCC Research reports have been a trusted guide for business leaders and entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence to explore new markets and find fresh growth opportunities. With a corporate membership, access is immediate and limitless to thousands of these reports. This membership not only opens the door to a wealth of information but also connects with a community of well-regarded market analysts who are actively involved in the field. It's a straightforward way to gain insights, make informed decisions, and connect with experts who understand the nuances of the markets being explored.

Comprehensive Forecasts:

BCC Research reports offer detailed predictions about rapidly growing markets, spanning advanced materials, technology, life sciences, and more. These reports provide a clear view of market dynamics worldwide, encompassing both well-established economies and emerging ones.

Research Support:

Access to BCC Research's support team for real-time advice and research assistance is available via email or phone. If questions or the need for guidance arises while reviewing BCC Research's reports, the support team is present to provide guidance, ensuring access to the necessary information.

Live Events and Webinars:

Participants can join BCC Research's live events and webinars, allowing direct interaction with analysts. Engaging in these sessions facilitates interaction with experts, improving understanding and insight into specific topics. It's like talking to individuals who have a deep understanding of the market trends and data presented in the reports.

Membership Benefits for Academic Institutions: 

Schools and universities all over the world sign up for BCC Research so students, professors, and tech experts can use a big collection of research reports. These reports are super helpful for research projects. Students like them because they give a lot of detailed information, making it easy to find everything they need—like trends, market chances, where things are happening, and details about different companies.

Becoming a member of BCC Research for academic purposes involves the following:

Comprehensive Reports:

BCC Research reports cover lots of different industries and technologies. Students from different subjects use these reports to learn about trends, new applications, and important companies in specific markets. The reports help students with things like figuring out what's happening in a market, analyzing the competition, and exploring potential career paths.

Unlimited Report Downloads:

Students and teachers can download as many reports as needed. These reports are the same ones used by businesses for decision-making, and there's no limit to the number that can be obtained. This provides access to a wealth of information without any restrictions, including special reports on finished products and consumer interests.

Research Support:

There's a helpful service in the online library called a research concierge. If students have questions or need help finding resources, they can just ask the concierge. It makes research easier – students don't have to search for answers alone. They can get guidance and find what they need more quickly.

Live Webinars:

Students and faculty from member schools can participate in live webinars at no charge. It presents an opportunity to gain real-time knowledge. Whether it's the latest industry insights or market trends, attending these webinars offers an excellent way to stay updated at zero cost.

Membership Benefits for TTO - Commercialization: 

Enrolling in a BCC Research academic membership offers an array of valuable advantages tailored to enhance the research experience. Members receive five passwords providing a year-long access pass to the extensive Market Research library, ensuring a deep well of information for academic pursuits. Enjoy the flexibility of unrestricted use of data for various business purposes, enabling the application of insights across different aspects of research and studies. The membership also grants unlimited report downloads, facilitating seamless access to a diverse range of reports to support investigations. For personalized assistance, the Research Concierge in Boston stands ready to provide guidance and support, ensuring members make the most of comprehensive resources. Additionally, benefit from cost savings with exclusive discounts of up to 50% on thousands of reports from select publishers, making the academic journey more affordable while expanding access to invaluable research materials.

Some of their clients are: 

  • Harvard University 
  • Purdue University 
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology 
  • Cleveland Clinic 
  • VT Knowledge Works 

To learn more about the Membership Benefits initiative or to explore partnership opportunities with BCC Research, please contact us.