BCC Research to Release New Report Quantifying the Impact of Confusion on Food and Beverage Waste

BCC Research Collaborates with Plus Brand Industries Inc. to reveal a revolutionary Report on Food and Beverage Waste

April 12, 2024

Boston: BCC Research is set to launch an eye-opening report shedding light on the pressing issue of food and beverage waste. Titled "Quantifying the Impact of Confusion on Food and Beverage Waste," this upcoming report promises to provide invaluable insights into the challenges faced in managing waste.

Amidst growing concerns over sustainability, this report underscores BCC Research's dedication to delivering comprehensive research and analysis to address environmental issues head-on.

“Elliott Ross, Director of Consumer Insights at BCC Research, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, "The whole team cannot wait to get stuck into this fascinating area, conducting one of the first surveys that quantify the size and impact of this issue." This sentiment echoes BCC Research's commitment to providing robust data on the environmental and health implications of food and beverage waste confusion.”

Confusion regarding product ownership significantly contributes to food and beverage waste, as highlighted by recent data. In the U.S. alone, nearly 38% of all food remains unsold or uneaten annually, amounting to $473 billion in value and emitting greenhouse gases equivalent to 30% of U.S. passenger vehicle transportation. Schools also face challenges, with confusion over milk product ownership leading to increased waste and contamination risks. Efforts to minimize waste along the supply chain have seen progress, but consumer environments remain a major contributor to food waste, often due to confusion. Urgent innovation is needed to address this issue and embrace effective solutions.

Scheduled for completion over the next 10-12 weeks, the report will offer a detailed examination of the global food waste landscape. It will encompass key aspects such as:

  1. Global Food Waste Outlook
  2. Market size estimates of global food wastage in social gatherings
  3. Market size estimates of global consumer packaged goods
  4. Market size estimates of the global label market
  5. Prevalence of diseases spread due to mass gatherings.

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