Innovation Spotlight: Material Innovation Initiative: Biomimetics

Report Code: AVM211A


February 2021

From the mind-blowing architectural designs by Zaha Hadid to developing spider silk stronger than steel and tougher than Kevlar; from a wetsuit patterned after dolphins, to a fish-inspired car design by Mercedes Benz, emulating nature’s designs is a growing part of our life.

Structural designs and functionality that exist in nature have evolved and been perfected over millions of years. Scientists and engineers have been trying to mimic this perfection to develop efficient and functional materials and designs. Although nature has always inspired humans, recent advancement are vital in the birth of the burgeoning market of biomimetics.

We sat down with Dr. Sydney Gladman who is one of the pioneers in this field. She has published her research work from Harvard in Nature and has been cited more than 1000 times.

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