Innovation Spotlight: Culinary Institute of America: Food Manufacturing

Report Code: FOD097A

When you think of COVID19 and food manufacturing, images of panic buying; boarded up restaurants and independent grocery stores; coronavirus outbreaks at manufacturing facilities; and widespread adoption of e-commerce among retailers and suppliers might come to mind.

You’re not wrong. 

In fact, many of the trends that emerged at the beginning of COVID19 have persisted through today. Panic buying is still putting strains on our supply chain. Retailers who don’t embrace e-commerce are still facing consequences. Manufacturers who prioritize employee safety continue to profit over those who don’t.

To delve deeper into the impact of COVID19 on the food manufacturing market, we sat down with food writer and Culinary Institute of America Instructor Jennifer Kaplan. Jennifer provides examples of how market trends are playing out among retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.

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