Innovation Spotlight: CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association): Automated Homes

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"Alexa, have the floodlights turn off as soon as this movie is over, make sure all the doors are locked and the alarms are on and after I'm in bed and you can sense I'm asleep, let's make it about 5 degrees cooler in here. But gradually, okay? Oh, and defrost that bacon for tomorrow’s breakfast. Thanks."

As we write at BCC so very often...the above paragraph would have been pure science fiction 10 or even 5 years ago. It doesn’t even raise an eyebrow now.

Home automation technology proceeded at a creeping, halting pace for many years—some would argue starting with hot water heaters and laundry machines circa 1900—but only recently has it begun to enter the mainstream with improvements in machine-to-machine communication. The ability to heat and cool a home efficiently, secure it robustly and be entertained easily inside of it and control all of this remotely, all took a giant step forward with the Internet of Things and with the evolution of increasingly powerful mobile devices.

BCC sat down with CABA, a leading international, not-for-profit industry organization promoting advanced technologies in homes and buildings. Overcoming the aforementioned hurdles has been one of their goals since 1988. For information on CABA, its work and membership benefits, go to

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