Episode 37: Waste Management with Rubicon

What does our current waste management industry look like? What can be done to combat the sheer amount of waste being produced on a daily basis? And what are we doing about the accumulating space waste? Waste is a multi-faceted issue that is present in every market and every industry. Not only that, it's one issue that is continuing to grow and is impacting our lives and planet for the worse. Tackling this seemingly bleak outlook is today's guest: Rubicon. Spearheading the march in turning the tide on this ever-growing problem, Rubicon is making waves through the use of their software solution. By identifying trends and needs, mediating commercial relationships, and leveraging their network of haulers and customers, Rubicon is able to create economic viability through a circular approach to business and waste management. This is made possible through the integration of AI and data collection, allowing them to work on a large scale-from a single business to looking at eliminating the waste problem in space. Join us as we dive into the particulars of how this all works and how they are making progress towards their mission and goal of ending waste.



Clara Mouawad

Clara is the Content Specialist at BCC Research, where she spends her time writing blogs and white papers, designing graphics and thinking up ways BCC can take over the world...like with a podcast.

A world traveler (less so during COVID19, of course), marketing whiz and always thirsty for knowledge, Clara finds innovators in a variety of fields and asks the question that our listeners want to know: How will this industry, technology or company shape how we live and work in the future?

Episode Timeline

  • [00:00]Introducing the world of waste management and Rubicon
  • [00:49]Nick's story and what brought him to Rubicon
  • [02:45]The current waste industry landscape and challenges
  • [07:28]Rubicon's mission and software program
  • [13:17]The role of machine learning and AI in Rubicon's process
  • [16:36]The impact of Covid-19 on Rubicon and the market
  • [20:15]On the first zero-waste All Star Game
  • [24:38]Rubicon's global network and eliminating waste on a global scale
  • [28:05]On Rubicon's Project Clear Constellation and addressing space waste
  • [32:32]The waste industry in 10-15 years