Episode 15: Highlight Reel-The Best of 2020

From fashion to concrete, security to agtech-and everything in between, we've covered a lot of industries in Season 1. Talking to fantastic guests who are at the forefront of innovation in their market, we've looked at how present-day issues are impacting their market and what the future holds. Now, as we wrap up both 2020 and Season 1 of You Should Know This, we're taking a quick trip to the past by recapping the key moments our guests share-their insights on what we can expect to see in future, aka golden nuggets you should definitely know about!


Clara Mouawad

Clara is the Content Specialist at BCC Research, where she spends her time writing blogs and white papers, designing graphics and thinking up ways BCC can take over the world...like with a podcast.

A world traveler (less so during COVID19, of course), marketing whiz and always thirsty for knowledge, Clara finds innovators in a variety of fields and asks the question that our listeners want to know: How will this industry, technology or company shape how we live and work in the future?

Episode Timeline

  • [00:30]Introduction
  • [01:14]Synack on the future of cyber security
  • [03:44]Megan Lyman on the future of Agtech
  • [04:56]Mark Nixon on the future of biometrics
  • [06:27]Zeina Gharzouzi on the future of networking
  • [08:36]Solidia on the future of concrete and cement
  • [10:21]Jonathan Hung on the future of venture capital
  • [12:43]Wardrobe on the future of sustainable fashion
  • [15:43]Jennifer Kaplan on the future of food manufacturing
  • [17:18]Lisa Palmer on the future of healthcare interoperability
  • [21:34]Tulsa Remote on the future of remote working
  • [24:07]Saara Inkinen on the future of innovation management
  • [26:02]Cat Donaldson on the future of TTO collaboration
  • [27:56]Lares on the future of security
  • [34:43]Wiliot on the future of the Internet of Things
  • [39:34]Conclusion