Therapeutics for Immune System Disorders

Jan 2011| BIO025D| BCC Publishing

Report Highlights

In 2010, the global market for drugs for the treatment of immune disease was estimated to be approximately $72.2 billion.  The market size is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.6% to reach $82.2 billion by 2015.

Report Scope

This study surveys the market for small–molecules and biologic therapies for diseases caused by disorders of the immune system: therapies covered are either already used or will be used as medicine within the next 5 years. Promising drugs in the early stages of development are analyzed, but the emphasis is strongly upon drugs that are either on the market, or will be on the market within the time frame of this study.
In addition to profiling drugs and explaining the mechanism by which these drugs achieve their efficacy, the report breaks out the major medical markets for immune disease. This report does not cover drugs in pre–clinical testing in detail – even though some of the drugs with novel approaches are mentioned in the appropriate sections of the report. The report does not cover drugs that act to enhance the activity of the immune system against diseases such as cancer or opportunistic infections. Even though mechanisms of certain drugs help in the treatment of various cancer indications as well as immune diseases and are indicated for both, sales to those cancer–related indications are excluded as much as possible. Another therapeutic area that is excluded is Type–1 diabetes, though it is indeed an immune disease. This is excluded because most of the drugs are commonly used for both types of diabetes, and it is difficult to get an accurate idea about the sales exclusively for managing Type–1. Additionally, medical devices, or the direct costs of surgery to treat immune diseases, etc., are not covered. We believe that the market dynamics of these products and services are dramatically different than the pharmaceutical market and need to be dealt with as a separate report. 
In general, this report contains:
  • An overview of the background science of the immune system, classifications of various molecules involved in immune responses, and types of immune responses
  • Detailed discussion of various technology types used to contain undesirable immune responses and drugs in each category
  • Global sales projections through 2015 for various technology types and immune disease categories
  • Key players in the market and their market shares
  • Analysis of the key challenges of the immune disease sector and its influence in the growth of the field
  • A discussion of specific immune diseases and their therapies 
  • Technology trends and patent analysis
  • In–depth analysis of leading companies and their successful strategies.

Analyst Credentials

Syamala Ariyanchira is actively involved in technology assessment, strategic planning, competitor analysis, due diligence, and market analysis. She easily combines her technical background with business sector issues. Her clients include investment firms, government agencies, and chemical and pharmaceutical companies. She holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She is currently an associate with Singapore–based consultancy firm Polybus Consulting Pte Ltd. (www.polybus– 


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Published - Apr-2003| Analyst - Robert Cyran| Code - BIO025C

Report Highlights

  • The past decade has seen an explosion in knowledge concerning the immune system, and this is leading to a wealth of new drugs and procedures that selectively target the causes of immune diseases. As a result, we forecast that the worldwide market for drugs that treat immune disease will grow from an estimated $31.5 billion in 2002 to $47.1 billion by 2007. These diseases are one of the largest market opportunities for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since they are common, chronic and historic treatments have been largely ineffective.
  • The study examines the current market for the treatment of immune disease and then projects the effects of new technologies upon this market. It makes detailed, unbiased market forecasts for the period of 2002 to 2007 and profiles the major companies involved in treating immune disease.

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