Global Markets for Mobile Positioning Technology: Commercial, Military, Homeland Defense

Jan 2012| SAS011C| BCC Publishing

Report Highlights

The global market for mobile location technologies reached $22.5 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $25.1 billion in 2011. It will further grow to $36.3 billion in 2016 for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% between 2011 and 2016. 

Report Scope

This report is an analytical business tool whose primary purpose is to describe and analyze the size and dynamics of the global market for mobile location technologies.  It mainly deals with technologies introduced since the commercialization of GPS about 10 years ago.

Older position-finding technologies such as LORAN are not analyzed in detail.  The report focuses on end-user-oriented applications of these new technologies, and does not address the market for basic infrastructure such as space satellites, ground stations, beacons, and cellular towers.

Major sections of the report cover the following:

  • Summary of findings and conclusions
  • Overview of the mobile location industry: systems, technologies and users
  • New and emerging mobile location technologies and solutions
  • Market size and segmentation, 2010
  • Market drivers and constraints
  • Detailed market projections by application segment and major geographical market, 2011 to 2016
  • Industry structure and market shares.

Analyst Credentials

Andrew McWilliams spent more than 25 years as a consultant with Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company and A.T. Kearny focused on manufacturing before segueing into research analysis. He has been covering myriad technology categories for BCC Research for more than 15 years. McWilliams has a BA from Princeton University and an MA from Harvard University. He has worked in more than 40 countries and he resides in the greater Boston area.

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Chapter- 8: EMERGING MARKETS6$87Free
Chapter- 9: COMPANY PROFILES21$306Free
Published - Oct-2007| Analyst - Andrew McWilliams| Code - SAS011B

Report Highlights

  • The global market for mobile location technologies increased from $19.3 billion in 2006 to an estimated 23.2 billion by the end of 2007. It should reach $48.8 billion by 2012, a compound annual growth rate of 16.1%.
  • The vehicle navigation share of the total market should grow from 67.9% in 2006 to 78.2% in 2012, mainly due to greatly expanded use of portable car navigation devices.
  • The U.S. is expected to retain its position as the world's largest market for mobile location technologies through 2012.
Published - Aug-2005| Analyst - Andrew McWilliams| Code - SAS011A

Report Highlights

  • The global market for mobile location technologies is projected to rise from $23 billion in 2005 to surpass $39 billion by 2010, at an AAGR of 11.3%.
  • Vehicle navigation systems and telematics, the largest application segments in 2004 with more than 44% of the market, should be superseded before 2010 by people and animal tracking.
  • Surveying and mapping and mobile asset management are the other two largest applications, and will represent 8% and 11.5%, respectively, by 2010.
  • Complete or integrated GPS solutions increasingly dominate the market and accounted for an estimated 90% of the market in 2004, a share expected to increase to 94% by 2010.
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