Global Market for CMOS and CCD Sensors to Easily Double Value by 2022

September 21, 2017

WELLESLEY, Mass., Sep 21, 2017 — Rising demand and a high degree of product diversification and innovation in the consumer electronics market should drive healthy demand for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and charge coupled device (CCD) sensors. Based on a new BCC Research report, BCC Research estimates the global market for CCD and CMOS sensors to more than double from 2017-2022, from $13.9 billion in 2017 to $30.3 billion by 2022, with a 16.9% CAGR.

CCD and CMOS Sensors: Technologies and Global Markets reports that the soaring popularity of fingerprint scanners, parking cameras, self-parking cars and virtual keyboards should push big market growth. Other drivers include gradual technological advancement and an increased number of applications available in the military, automotive and industrial sectors. Rapid growth of the telecommunications industry and the large number of upcoming business utilities are also key factors.

The comprehensive report also notes that miniaturization and improved communication capabilities, which enable the integration of CCD and CMOS sensors into various devices and machines without compromising other functionalities, is a key market trend. End users of CCD and CMOS sensors include the aerospace, healthcare, surveillance and security, and consumer electronics sectors. End users in aerospace held the largest market share in 2016, valued at $3.9 billion, a position the sector should retain through 2022.

Research Highlights

  • CCDs offer advantages over CMOS sensors, such as sensitivity, freedom from geometric distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio.
    • CMOS sensors are used in applications such as smartphones, laptop cameras and other application areas of cameras.
    • ·         Demand for CMOS sensors continues to rise because of the technology's low power consumption and ease of camera to chip integration.

"Currently, CMOS and CCD sensors provide efficient industrial and process," says BCC Research analyst Gaurav Sinha, who authored the report. "The technology provides detection functions such as strain measurement, efficient monitoring and so forth. These are stepping stones toward the development of smart industries for the future."

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CCD and CMOS Sensors: Technologies and Global Markets( PHO027A )
Publish Date: Sep 2017    

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