Fire Retardancy Conference


Main Conference

The main conference presentations introduce technological achievements and developments in the field of FR, as well as offer an overview of the current state of FR science and technology. All within a single track, the main conference includes multiple sessions within the following categories: fabrics and foams, coatings, intumescence, nanocomposites, sustainability, fire testing and instrumentation and phosphorus.

Here's what you can expect to learn about during the main conference:

  • Applications and markets for FR products
  • Recent developments in local and global standardization in treating technology
  • Toxicity and environmental issues
  • Nanoparticles effects on flammability
  • Regulatory issues and sustainability for flame retardancy
  • Further development of the intumescent mechanism of flame retardancy
  • Various fire tests and what information one may gain from them
Short Course
Sunday, May 19 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Designed for technical specialists and marketers new to this industry, this comprehensive one-day course takes place before the main conference. Consisting of three interactive lectures by prominent industrial scientists, the short course provides a unique opportunity for newcomers to become acquainted with the FR field in all its aspects.

This course is not included in your Main Conference registration. It can be added to your Main Conference registration or can be selected on its own.

Course Instructors and Topics:

Review of Flame Retardants in Commercial Use and Development

- Kelvin Shen, Ph.D.
Consultant Rio Tinto Materials

Modes of Fire Retardant Action

- Sergei Levchik, Ph.D.
ProductDevelopment Manager,
ICL-IP America

Fire Testing of Fire Retardant Polymers

- Matthew Blais, Ph.D.
Fire Technology Department,
Southwest Texas Research Institute (SwRI)

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