Episode 18: The Future of the Gut Microbiome with Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum

The gut microbiome is all the rage in the world of health research, and for good reason. The connection between our gut microbiome and health issues, including mental health, cancer and even autism, is coming to light. At the forefront of this research and actionable steps, is Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum. This week on You Should Know This, we sit down with the doctor, author and the co-founder of BIOHM Health to dive into the world of the microbiome and uncover what we can hope to see in the future, as we continue to learn more about this vital aspect of our bodies. Join us as Dr. Ghannoum breaks down what the microbiome (and mycobiome) is, how he used this research to discover biomarkers for certain cancers and the exciting opportunities his research is uncovering for our health across the board.


Clara Mouawad

Clara is the Content Specialist at BCC Research, where she spends her time writing blogs and white papers, designing graphics and thinking up ways BCC can take over the world...like with a podcast.

A world traveler (less so during COVID19, of course), marketing whiz and always thirsty for knowledge, Clara finds innovators in a variety of fields and asks the question that our listeners want to know: How will this industry, technology or company shape how we live and work in the future?

Episode Timeline

  • [00:30]Introducing the world of the gut microbiome
  • [01:41]Dr. Mahmoud's story and what led him to researching the gut microbiome
  • [02:39]On his discovering of the mycobiome
  • [05:28]All the different aspects of the gut microbiome
  • [06:06]What future research will be studying about the aspects of gut bacteria
  • [07:05]Understanding biofilm and its impact on gut health
  • [10:42]Dr. Mahmoud's research on the gut microbiome and cancer
  • [18:14]The future of gut biomarkers in detecting all cancers
  • [19:32]The link between the gut microbiome and autism
  • [22:13]On ensuring our gut microbiome is balanced and healthy
  • [28:34]On gut microbiome therapeutics and how unique our gut is
  • [31:21]How much we know about the gut microbiome, and what we'll figure out in 10-20 years