Mobile Telematics: Global Markets and Technologies

Published - Jul 2007| Analyst - Jim Wilson| Code - IFT062A
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Report Highlights

  • By 2012, the worldwide mobile telematics industry will sell systems valued in excess of $52 billion.
  • The global automotive telematics sector will expand at a modest 3.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach more than $48 billion in 2012. Specialized niches in agriculture, intelligent transport systems and construction will rise at rates above a 10% CAGR.
  • Growth in automotive telematics will be driven more by government-mandated use of safety equipment than by the voluntary purchase of "infotainment" services.
  • The increasing sale of public roadways to private owners will speed the introduction of intelligent transport systems, with a corresponding rise in the need for mobile telematics components.


This study forecasts the impact of the convergence of telecommunications, digital displays and control systems on selected segments of the agricultural, aircraft, automotive, construction, intelligent transport, maritime and railroad industries. The most comprehensive examination of the rapidly evolving telematics industry yet undertaken, it analyzes and provides U.S. and global forecasts for this $52 billion business at the component, systems and applications levels.

At the component level, mobile telematics describes and forecasts acquisition costs for more than 170 specialized components and subsystems required by manufacturers of mobile telematics systems. At the systems level, it forecasts U.S. and worldwide requirements for 16 generic types of mobile telematics systems, and at the applications level, the study addresses mobile telematics requirements for:


  • ten types of intelligent transport systems and installations
  • five types of on-road vehicles
  • four types of off-road vehicles
  • passenger and commuter rail systems
  • passenger and business jets and cruise liners


The report provides more than 2,400 application-specific tables including forecasts for system requirements and the projected costs of these systems. Each forecast is presented as a table that separately addresses U.S. and worldwide markets. The global market is divided further into three categories that summarize data for high-income, middle-income and low-income nations.

To help readers better understand the future direction of the telematics market, mobile telematics also includes a comprehensive listing of relevant patents. For those with titles that specifically reference telematics, this report includes patent abstracts and contact information for the inventors and assignees.


This report contains:

  • Descriptions of the technologies and market forces driving mobile telematics
  • Analysis of the use of telematics systems by the agricultural, aircraft, construction, intelligent transport, maritime and railroad industries
  • An examination of the industry and forecasts of the demand for 170 components and subsystems used to manufacture 16 generic types of mobile telematics systems
  • More than 2,400 application-specific tables including forecasts for system requirements and their projected costs; each forecast is presented as a table that separately addresses U.S. and worldwide markets.


To undertake this forecast, BCC Research analyzed remote sensing products currently on the market, announced products, U.S. patents, and products referenced in forward-looking financial statements filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The current value of components used to manufacture systems has been forecast from actual prices paid by road authorities and reported to the U.S. Department of Transportation in a recent nationwide survey.

Future value is based on pricing trends that for the most part, tend to be declining for electronic systems and increasing for electromechanical systems. This report omits the highly specialized navigation and communications equipment used in aviation, shipping and by the military. While they fit into the formal definition of telematics, they often are unavailable on civilian markets, or too expensive for use in civilian or mass-market applications.


BCC Research studied more than 500 companies to obtain data for this report. It also reviewed reports and studies prepared for peer-reviewed professional literature, and reports by the technical staffs of the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Transit Database, and the Federal Communications Commission. In addition, the review included numerous private organizations involved with transit planning and safety, as well as Presidential directives and policy statements. Other data came from scientific and technical conferences, presentations prepared for financial analysts, the United Nations, European Union and the World Bank.


James Wilson is an established technology market analyst. The author of more than 300 articles and six books dealing with science, medicine, technology and business, he also has served as editor of the Princeton Business Journal and as senior science and technology editor for Hearst Magazines.

A member of the National Association of Science Writers and the American Medical Writers Association, Wilson served on the adjunct faculty of Temple University and on the staffs of Drexel University and the Academy of Natural Sciences. He is the author of several BCC Research studies including:

  • HLC049A Medical Device Coatings
  • MST0027G Controlled Release Technologies: Established and Emerging Markets
  • IASO22A Remote Sensing Technologies and Global Markets


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