Ophthalmic Therapeutic Drugs: Technologies and Global Markets

Jul 2015| PHM031D| BCC Publishing
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Report Highlights

The global ophthalmic therapeutic drug market was valued at $12.3 billion in 2014. This market is expected to reach $19 billion by 2019, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% from 2014 to 2019.

Report Includes

  • An overview of the global market for ophthalmic therapeutic drugs.
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2013 and 2014, and projections of CAGRs through 2019.
  • Investigation of one of the most important market drivers, combination therapies.
  • Learn how healthcare awareness and emerging middle classes in countries such as India, China, Brazil and Russia are providing market opportunities.
  • Profiles of manufacturers of leading products as well as biotechnology companies with novel products in development.
  • Analysis of these major players to help define the specific product strategies which they are employing.


This report on ophthalmic therapeutics drugs provides a brief description of the current status of the industry and recent developments. The report analyzes the market trends, and identifies key therapeutic and geographical challenges and rising opportunities in the developed and developing world. Finally, it will provide insights into new developments into ophthalmic therapeutics including novel biologics, formulations and the launch of biosimilars and generics.


Dr. C. L. Barton has more than 10 years of practical pharmaceutical research experience with a leading pharmaceutical company, and has served as a Pan-European Pharmaceutical analyst with a European bank. Dr. C. L. Barton Ltd. aims to provide independent, tailor-made, pharmaceutical thematic research to investment houses. Research reports combine independent scientific analysis with patients- and prescription-based models to forecast the potential sales growth of key developmental drugs and to isolate the key drivers within the pharmaceutical sector. For further information, visit www.pharmavision.co.uk.

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Chapter- 1: INTRODUCTION3Free
Chapter- 2: SUMMARY 3$250Free
Chapter- 4: GLAUCOMA27$669Free
Chapter- 5: DRY EYE SYNDROME14$347Free
Chapter- 6: UVEITIS13$322Free
Chapter- 7: RECENT MARKET ACTIVITY13$322Free
Chapter- 8: COMPANY PROFILES11$273Free
Chapter- 9: APPENDIX I: ACRONYMS1$25Free
Chapter- 10: APPENDIX II: REFERENCES7$173Free
Published - Apr-2010| Analyst - Jackson Highsmith| Code - PHM031C

Report Highlights

  • The global ophthalmic therapeutic market was valued at $15.5 billion in 2009, showing a growth rate of more than 2½ times that of the overall pharmaceutical industry.  The sector will continue to grow through 2014 to $20.6 billion,  a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9%.
  • As a segment, glaucoma recorded $5.8 billion in 2009 revenue. Six leading glaucoma products will come off patent before 2012, resulting in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% and estimated revenues of $6.6 billion in 2014. 
  • Treatment for wet AMD recorded sales of $2.4 billion in 2009. This sector is projected to grow at a 10% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2014 to reach $3.9 billion.
Published - Sep-2006| Analyst - Melissa Elder| Code - PHM031B

Report Highlights

  • The U.S. ophthalmic market is worth $9.6 billion in 2006, up from $8.8 billion in 2005. At an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 7.4%, the market will cross $13.8 billion in 2011.
  • Ophthalmic pharmaceuticals dominated the market throughout the forecast period. In 2006 pharmaceuticals comprised 46.6% of the market and, growing at an AAGR of 6.9%, will be worth more than $6.2 billion and maintain more than 45% of the market in 2011.
  • Contact lenses include both functional and cosmetic lenses. Contact lenses generate approximately $1.9 billion in revenues annually in the United States, accounting for a near 20% of the market.
Published - Aug-2003| Analyst - Melissa Elder| Code - PHM031A

Report Highlights

  • The 2002 U.S. market for prescription ophthalmic drugs was $2.8 billion, and, rising at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 8.6%, will reach $4.5 billion in 2007.
  • Glaucoma treatments accounted for $1.4 billion in 2002 and will grow at an AAGR of 8.2% to more than $2 billion in 2007.
  • Products within the ocular infection and ocular allergy treatment segments follow in market presence, with $500 million and $397.1 million, respectively.
  • Ocular allergy treatment will lead growth with an AAGR of 10% through the period, reaching nearly $640 million

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