Smarter, Safer, Less Lethal Small Arms: Technologies, Markets and Futures

Published - Mar 2000| Analyst - George Samerjan| Code - SAS007A
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Report Highlights

  • Total dollar sales for smarter, safer, and "less than lethal" small arms in 2004 will exceed $1 billion, and, on the whole, will be following an aggressive growth curve with the overall annual average growth rate exceeding 40%.
  • Firearm safety devices show relatively level sales in 1997 and 1998, and then grow dramatically by 2004. The reason for this, is that by 2004 it is doubtful that any firearm will be sold in America without a safety device in some form accompanying it either through voluntary compliance by manufacturers, or by law.
  • "Less than lethal" devices will show modest growth over the same period of time as more sophisticated and accurate "less than lethal" devices replace those currently in service. Law enforcement budgets are typically severely constrained, but as the military research and development into "less than lethal" devices results in commercialization, with a consequent lowering in price, the civilian law enforcement sector can be expected to acquire newer versions of these weapons and update their inventories.


This report is an analytical tool, the primary purpose of which is to cover the emerging market for "less than lethal" weapons, and new technologies, such as the Smart Gun and safety devices for small arms. This report will review the application and end use markets, as well as the technology, development of the market, and analyses of current and future market trends.

A number of current research and development programs, both by industry, such as Colt's exploration of the Smart Gun, and by the military, with their drive to develop "less than lethal" weapons, will lead to the commercialization of new technologies.

The final segments of this report address the industry's structure, and provide an analysis of the technology currently under development and in the market.


The material presented in this study is based on information gathered from personal contacts with government and industrial participants in the respective areas of research, development, and manufacture of these products, as well as a thorough review of the technology gathered from various government and industry sources.

Additional data was obtained from extensive review of secondary sources, such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature, and on-line databases. All dollar projections presented in this report are in 1999 constant dollars.

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