Electronic Chemicals and Materials: The Global Market

Published - Sep 2006| Analyst - Yatin Thakore| Code - SMC043A
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Report Highlights

  • Global electronic chemicals and materials demand were $22.7 billion in 2005, which is expected to grow at higher rate of around 8.9% per annum through 2010 to reach $34.8 billion.
  • The electronic chemical and material market will be strong in Asia, due to the rapid economic liberalization measures being introduced and improving per capita income. The electronic chemical and material market growth in Asia is expected to be around 10.1% per annum through 2010.
  • The market in North America accounts for about 26% of the world market for electronic chemicals and materials. Growth drivers include CMP slurries, advanced photoresists and low-K dielectrics. Sales in the U.S. will be improved by device miniaturization and increased adoption of chemical management and waste recovery practices.


Global demand for electronic chemicals, particularly in the developed countries, is projected to increase at an average of 9% to 10% per year. The demand will result from significant growth in materials, including low-k dielectric materials, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries, thermoplastic packaging materials, and advanced photoresists, all of which are high-value products.

Moreover, rapid technological developments are taking place in the electronics industry. For example, the introduction of 45-nanometer lithography by Intel in 2006 will pave the way for further growth in the coming years.

The performance and growth of the electronics industry will have a direct impact on the growth potential of electronic chemicals, which have an indispensable role in the industry. New materials such as low-k dielectrics and advanced photoresists will have growth rates well above average, and opportunities will also emerge in existing technologies as chemical compositions are improved to attain better compatibility and better cost.

In such a scenario, there is bound to be enormous interest in understanding the progress of the electronic chemical industry and the resultant opportunities for the technologists and investors. There is therefore a need for current, comprehensive reports on chemicals for electronics, covering aspects of technology, demand trends, project opportunities and investment levels.

This study examines the applications in use commercially worldwide, their markets and growth opportunities. This study also examines the true market penetration for a number of electronic chemicals that have been recently introduced or are under an advanced stage of development.
This study provides a clear, quantitative picture of the supply and demand picture for important electronic chemicals, and also helps identify technological and investment opportunities in the field.


This report contains:


  • Information about the global markets for chemicals and materials for the electronics industry with market forecasts to 2010
  • An analysis of the market by end-use products (semiconductors and printed circuit boards in the electronic industry) and also major types of chemicals and materials used in the electronic industry
  • Discussion of emerging trends in these industries and technological developments including some of the recent patents in the field
  • The important regulatory roles governing the industry and some of the initiatives taken by the user industries and manufacturer
  • Profiles of the major companies involved in the industry.



This study is based on exhaustive primary and secondary research in addition to the information in our in-house databases.

Primary research included consultation with industry experts in the field, including contacts at companies actively involved in this field and at trade associations.

Secondary research included extensive literature reviews, including trade journals, seminar proceedings, patent literature, company literature, published reports and government publications.


The study has been carried out by a team of chemical engineering consultants led by Senior Consultant Mr. N. S. Venkataraman, a chemical engineer with over 30 years of experience in various functions in the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. Other team members included Mr. D. Panneerselvam, Mr. T. K. Parija, Ms. P. Govindanayagi and Ms. K. Geetha. All the members of the team are practicing chemical engineers or chemists with extensive experience as business consultants in the chemical and allied industries.

The project manager for this project was Dr. Yatin B. Thakore, who has over 15 years of industry experience.

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