Non-Volatile Memory Markets

Published - Jul 2005| Analyst - Evalueserve | Code - SMC060A
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Report Highlights

  • The worldwide non-volatile memory market is expected to be $17.4 billion in 2005, and is projected to rise at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 31.8% through 2010 to reach 69.1%.
  • Among existing NVM technologies, the market for flash has grown rapidly, and currently it comprises almost 90% of the total NVM market. It is expected to increase at an AAGR of 12.6%.
  • The market for EPROM and EEPROM is expected to reflect negative trends due to the growth of flash memory. However, EPROM and EEPROM will continue to be used for applications requiring low densities.
  • The emergence of advance memory technologies such as MRAM, FRAM and OUM are expected to gradually take away some share of total volatile memory.


The worldwide semiconductor memory market is characterized by rapidly evolving technology, continuous price reductions, increasing competition and a rapid move towards nanotechnology. Chip sizes are shrinking, memory content increasing and new technologies continue to overtake existing ones. Non-volatile memory (NVM) is a technology of growing importance in several areas, e.g., for the telecommunications industry, computer applications, automotives, consumer electronics, etc., and seeks to supplant more mature memory technologies.

This BCC study offers an in-depth understanding of the NVM market and insight into the industry. The current status of the worldwide non-volatile memories market is assessed. The growth potential of NVM is examined as are its major growth drivers and inhibitors. Current technologies in use and expected deployment of emerging NVM technologies are analyzed. Leading vendors of the technology are profiled. Also assessed is the importance of intellectual property in this field.


The report contains:


  • An overview of the NVM industry and technologies
  • Determination of the current market status of each technology, its impact on future markets and global forecasts through 2010
  • Analysis of NVM applications, including telecommunications (PDAs, smartcards), computers (BIOS, modems, etc.), automotives, consumer electronics, etc.
  • Assessment of the market potential for emerging technologies in the field
  • Assessment of the importance of intellectual property within the scope of NVM along with a patent evaluation.



BCC presents an analysis, by each memory technology, of the value of NVMs shipped in 2004. Based on our survey, we then analyze the current and potential applications for each technology, and forecast value shipments for 2005 and 2010. We also analyze shipments by 15 major industry players. Our analysis of emerging technologies includes value shipments for 2004 (for those that are currently available) and estimated shipments for other technologies that are currently in the research stage.


BCC surveyed approximately 20 companies to obtain data for this study - developers and manufacturers of NVM, consumer products, and certain industrial products were included. Interviews and discussions with industry experts and analysts helped us to get a comprehensive understanding of the NVM market. In addition, we compiled data from company financial statements, trade information, and government sources.

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