Asia-Pacific Data Center Liquid Cooling Market - Analysis and Forecast, 2022-2027

Nov 2023| BIS522C| BIS Research

Report Highlights

The Asia-Pacific Data Center Liquid Cooling Market (excluding China) Expected to Reach $2,609.1 Million by 2027

The APAC market for liquid cooling in data centers is poised for remarkable growth between 2022 and 2027. According to a research report by BIS Research, this market is expected to exhibit a substantial increase, with a projected value of over US$ 663.4 million in 2022, set to soar to an impressive US$ 2,609.1 million by 2027. Anticipated to achieve an outstanding Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.51% during this period, this growth is attributed to various factors. The data is excluding china region.

The expansion of the APAC data center liquid cooling industry is significantly influenced by the emergence of cutting-edge technologies and the growing demand for energy-efficient cooling solutions. Several key drivers are contributing to this market's expansion, including the increasing need for cooling solutions that are both energy-efficient and space-saving. Moreover, the pursuit of lower operating costs and enhanced overclocking capabilities is propelling the adoption of liquid cooling solutions in data centers.

The introduction of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, along with the evolving landscape of high-density computing, presents significant opportunities for manufacturers in the APAC data center liquid cooling sector. Liquid cooling technologies offer a pathway to achieve higher processing density within the same physical space by effectively dissipating heat, allowing data centers to maximize their processing power without the need for extensive changes to their physical infrastructure.

Environmental sustainability has become a pressing concern, urging data centers to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Liquid cooling is seen as a more eco-friendly alternative compared to conventional air cooling methods, as it enhances energy efficiency and reduces the reliance on power-hungry cooling equipment. Implementing liquid cooling technology can contribute to the development of a greener and more sustainable IT infrastructure in data centers.

Report Synopsis

Report Metrics Details
Base year considered 2022
Forecast period considered 2022-2027
Base year market size $663.4 Million in 2022
Market size forecast $2,609.1 Million by 2027
Growth rate 31.51%
Units considered $ Million
Industry covered Energy & Power
Regions covered Asia Pacific
Countries covered South Korea, India, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Rest-of-Asia-Pacific
Companies studied
  • Black Box
  • Wiwynn
  • ExaScaler Inc
  • CoolestDC

The demand for high-performance computing under conditions of high frequency, intensive workloads, and multi-core processing, driven by applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning, is on the rise within data centers. To meet these diverse needs, data center operators are turning to the latest advancements in indirect or direct-on-chip liquid cooling and system integrator services. End users, including cloud providers, colocation providers, hyperscale data centers, and others, are increasingly adopting cold plates, direct liquid cooling (DLC), indirect liquid cooling, and rack liquid cooling solutions, further boosting the demand for APAC data center liquid cooling technology.

In today's data center landscape, which is characterized by a surge in computational demands and core-intensive applications, traditional air cooling solutions are approaching their limits. Liquid cooling is not limited to just mainframes and supercomputers; it has applications that extend to a wide range of data center scenarios.

Liquid cooling, involving the use of water and other liquids, offers superior heat-carrying efficiency compared to air and can address certain challenges associated with air cooling systems. As the density of computing equipment increases, and data centers expand to meet growing demands, liquid cooling technology gains prominence. Liquid cooling methods have a significantly higher heat capacity than air, with water being approximately 4,000 times more effective at heat dissipation. This technology contributes to enhanced energy efficiency across data centers, especially in settings where rack densities exceed 50 kW.

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