Market for Antibody Drug Conjugates to Reach $4.2B by 2021

August 09, 2017

WELLESLEY, Mass., Aug 9, 2017 – Technological advancements, the rising incidence of cancer, and an increasing demand for biologic therapies are driving the market for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), which could reach $4.2 billion by 2021. In a recent report by BCC Research, the industry’s prospects are studied by therapeutic area and by region.

Unlike conventional chemotherapies that also damage normal tissue, ADCs target only cancer cells. An ADC consists of a cytotoxic drug linked to a monoclonal antibody. ADCs deliver cytotoxins to specific cancer cells. Once inside the targeted tumor cell, the cytotoxin is released and kills the cancer. The ADC market was worth approximately $1.3 billion in 2016 with just two approved drugs, and its potential remains very large. Anticipated revenues by 2021 reflect the expected approval of additional ADCs directed toward leukemia and ovarian cancer, according to the report Antibody Drug Conjugates: Technologies and Global Markets.

Although the design and synthesis of a fully functional and effective ADC is very challenging, there are now more than 50 ADCs in clinical trials.

Research Highlights

  • Improving economic conditions, a demand for better healthcare facilities, improving health awareness, increasing incidence of chronic diseases, and growing R&D activities will help the market for ADCs grow in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Much of the growth is expected to come from additional approved indications for the two ADCs already on the market.
  • By 2021, ADCs for the treatment of breast cancer will represent a market share of 47.1%.

Extensive Investment and Training Are Needed

“Innovation in ADCs will occur through the development of new cytotoxic agents as well as new linkers that are adequately stable and can be cleaved efficiently to deliver the cytotoxic drug, via site-specific conjugation technology”, says Shalini S. Dewan, BCC Research analyst. “ADC manufacturing facilities require high capital investment and extensive specialized training of operators, driving a trend toward the use of mostly contract manufacturers for ADCs.”

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