Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Women's Disorders

Published - Mar 2009| Analyst - Melissa Elder| Code - BIO043D
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Report Highlights

  • The U.S. market for therapeutics and diagnostics for women’s disorders was worth $29.9 billion in 2008. This should increase to $50.0 billion in 2013, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9%.
  • The rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis segment has the largest share of the market, generating $10.6 billion in 2008. This is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% to reach $18.2 billion in 2013.
  • Reproductive related therapies and diagnostics currently have the second largest market share, worth $5.9 billion in 2008. This should reach $7.5 billion in 2013, for a CAGR of 5.0%.


This BCC Research report, Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Women’s Disorders, provides an overview of products included in this market, and detailed analyses of markets and competitive environments. The study includes information about significant products, players, issues and trends, and other information affecting the women’s disorders and diseases industry.
New therapeutics and diagnostics have emerged in the last few years that have had a significant impact on women’s health. This study updates the previous BCC New Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Women’s Disorders with what has been happening in this arena since 2005.
This area covers a wide variety of products and disorders that affect predominantly women. Ongoing patient management studies will increase the number of indications. Keeping in touch with these applications for the various products is good business practice. This study will provide the reader with the knowledge to adequately view and assess the women’s healthcare movement and provide insights into the market potentials.
This newly updated BCC Research report is designed to be a helpful business tool that will provide a thorough evaluation of the market for women’s therapeutic and diagnostic products. The geographical scope of this study is U.S. based. The report identifies markets in general segments:
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Women’s cancer
  • Gynecological diseases and infections
  • Kidney and urological diseases and infections
  • Reproductive-related therapies and diagnostics
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis 
Each market segment provides detailed information based on product categories, use of products, forecasts, and competitive analyses.
The information for this BCC Research report was obtained through primary and secondary data collection methods. Primary methods included interviews with more than 50 key executives, product managers, clinical specialists and other related key personnel involved in the women’s healthcare industry. Secondary sources included published literature, investment reports, company literature, and various business journals that have emphasis on women’s health and related areas.
Market data for this report pertains to the U.S. market and uses U.S. dollars at the manufacturers’ level. The base year of the report is 2008, with historical data provided for 2006 and 2007, and forecast data provided for 2013. Historical, base year and forecast data are provided for each market segment of the report. Growth rates are determined through a compilation of data including past trends, future trends, demographics, incidence, mortality, products in research and development, and current product growth, etc. Competitor market share estimates are provided for each market segment for the 2008 base year.
Melissa Elder is an experienced healthcare market analyst specializing in prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, medical devices, animal health, and emerging healthcare technologies. Ms. Elder has more than 14 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in market research for the past 11 years. This experience has given her substantial insights into pharmaceutical market analysis. Her work in the medical community, including emergency room medical training and healthcare information system coordination, has enhanced her ability to provide insight into many healthcare markets.
Tracy Cotthoff is an experienced critical care/wound care nurse in a high-volume burn center. Ms. Cotthoff has been in the medical field for over 14 years. This experience has given her a vast knowledge of medical practices and advances in the industry and new technologies. Her experience in the medical field includes EMT training and nursing, including critical care nursing, which has allowed for her substantial insight into the workings of the healthcare industry.
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Neither the author nor BCC Research assumes any responsibility for the information in this report or for its use. All material in the report is intended to be as reliable as possible, and was gathered, analyzed, and written in a professional manner. The author assumes no liability for any loss or damage that may result from any reliance on any materials or information developed and presented in the report. This report is not a legal or accounting document, nor is it an endorsement of any material, product, or process. Much of the information developed and presented is of a speculative nature, and must be treated as such; this last statement is especially true for a politically and economically sensitive subject such as this one in a very uncertain political and economic climate.

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Published - May-2005| Analyst - Melissa Elder| Code - BIO043C

Report Highlights

  • The total U.S. market for new therapeutics and diagnostics for women’s disorders was estimated at more than $25 billion in 2004 and is expected to reach nearly $41 billion in 2009, rising at an AAGR (average annual growth rate) of 10.3%.
  • Treatments for cancers specific to women will rise the fastest, at an AAGR of 12.6% and will lead revenues in 2009.
  • Reproductive-related therapies and diagnostics currently represent the largest market segment, but, rising at an AGR of 8.4%, will lag slightly by 2009.
  • Treatments for gynecological diseases and infections and for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis also represent large market segments.
Published - Jan-2001| Analyst - Mary Anne Crandall| Code - BIO043B

Report Highlights

  • The total current U.S. market for new therapeutics and diagnostics for women's disorders in 1999 reached $16.9 billion at the manufacturers' level. The growing numbers of women combined with the growing trend to take an active role in healthcare has driven growth in this market. By 2005, it is anticipated that revenues will likely reach $31.9 billion, growing at an average annual rate of 8.7%.
  • The reproductive-related therapeutics and diagnostics holds the largest market revenues position representing 31.9% and accounting for $5.4 billion of the total in 1999. Large numbers of women in the baby boomer age group, coupled with large numbers of the mini-boomers (daughters of the baby boomer generation), contributed to the reproductive-related therapeutics and diagnostics' dominate role in 1999. It is anticipated that the reproductive-related therapeutics and diagnostics will remain the largest market share throughout the forecast period as it crosses $10 billion by 2005.


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