U.S. Medical Waste Management and Disposal Markets

Published - Jul 2004| Analyst - Marie Stuckey| Code - ENV005A
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Report Highlights

  • In 2003, the U.S. medical waste management and services industry was $1.8 billion. Expected to rise at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 5.7%, the market will exceed $2.4 billion in 2008.
  • The service market dominates, and has for more than 10 years.
  • market, in part because waste generators became increasingly wary about investing in on-site technology.
  • facilities and patients will support growth in the service market.
  • rate, an AAGR of 10.4%, but only will be 3.5% of the total infectious waste segment


Revenues to the services segment in the medical waste management and disposal market overshadow those of containment and treatment suppliers. This has many manufacturers in the latter two categories deploying very unique strategies to compete successfully. Since the dramatic decline in the use of incineration treatment, many end users have opted for off-site service until an alternative technology becomes more widely accepted.

With healthcare facilities in such a state of uncertainty regarding medical waste management, this BCC market analysis offers direction for the industry’s future. Demand for reduced infectious waste volumes has inspired creative opportunities for products that support better medical waste management and reduced volume. For example, the market is experiencing an increasing use of reusable sharps containers. Products that support smaller waste volumes or reduce these volumes are finding exciting growth potential.

This BCC technical market report determines the current status of the U.S. medical waste management and disposal industry and assesses its growth potential. Particular focus on the competitive climate between product and service markets offers insight into the varied strategies market participants are using to remain viable. Analysis of waste reduction organizations, regulatory influences, public perception and waste generators’ behavior and needs are intended to guide market participants in product and service market positioning.

The study compiles data on the U.S. medical waste market, including products and services for waste collection, safe containment, treatment and disposal. Presented is the medical waste management industry economic environment, technological descriptions and issues, applications, market factors and potential, and projected shipments of products and use of services through 2008.


The report contains:

  • An overview and analysis of the major types of medical waste containment, treatment and service offerings
  • Current and projected market status and the impact of each product and service
  • Growth forecasts through 2008
  • An emerging technologies chapter and discussion of the latest technological trends for commercialized and developing products
  • An international chapter, revealing strategies employed to tap into overseas opportunities
  • Other market strategies and influences guiding industry direction such as acquisitions, alternative technologies, collaborations and public and private pressures.


BCC presents an analysis, by each market segment and sub-segment, of the revenue, shipments, pricing trends and competitive environment. The U.S. Medical Waste Management and Disposal Markets report analyzes manufacturer and service provider revenues. The revenues reflect manufacturer and service provider annual income based on unit shipments, annual reports, and financial databases, industry publications and primary research through interviews. Pricing is based on a weighted average manufacturer or service provider price. We analyze the potential applications for each technology, and forecast unit shipments for 2003 and 2008.

An analysis of emerging waste treatment technologies is included.


BCC surveyed approximately 145 industry participants and experts, including a combination of companies, consultants, industry organizations, regulatory officials, and buying groups to obtain data for this study. Included were manufacturers of collection and containment products, solidifying products, treatment and processing products, as well as service providers. We also spoke with waste generators in a variety of healthcare environments. In addition, we compiled secondary printed data from current financial and trade databases, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), government sources, and industry associations.


Research Analyst Marie Stuckey has managed and conducted strategic marketing research, analysis and product promotion for the past 15 years. Areas of specific experience and expertise include energy metering, environmental remediation, healthcare waste, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and contract management. Ms. Stuckey has authored several articles for both trade journals and consumer magazines and newspapers. She has written over a dozen market research publications. Ms. Stuckey is a member of the American Medical Writers Association and has recently joined the BCC team.

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