ROI in Pharmaceutical R&D: How to Halt the Decline

Jan 2020| PHM218A| BCC Publishing

Report Highlights

This report is designed to investigate recent years of performance of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies with respect to return on investment (ROI) in research and development (R&D), and to discuss ways that companies are trying to improve ROI through 2024. Investigation will include Country/Regional market trends with top areas of return, 2014-2024. This report also looks at which companies are already using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to successfully compete globally.

Report Includes

  • What are the major factors which have caused the decline in ROI in R&D for Pharma/Biotech?
  • In what ways are new drug approvals affecting ROI?
  • How can success rates in clinical development and testing be improved?
  • How can tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, among others, decrease the costs of clinical trials?
  • What is the digital transformation currently taking place, and how can companies deploy such tools?

Report Scope

The scope of this study begins with the challenges facing biotech and pharmaceutical companies today. It goes on to discuss regulatory approval processes in various countries, how these are changing, and the knock-on effects which the pharma/biotech companies will have to address. The report then reviews several key financial ratios, then discusses how to maximize clinical development success rate. We then go into how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), along with Big Data, are disrupting the pharma/biotech industry, in a positive way. The report then reviews the global markets for treatments for selected cancers, chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, infectious diseases and rare diseases. Chapter 15 discusses how companies need to deeply integrate ML, AI and Big Data into drug discovery and clinical testing—or risk falling behind the competition. The report wraps up with summaries of selected companies active in these spaces and beginning to utilize digital tools in R&D.

Analyst Credentials

Valerie Kellogg, RRT, BA, MS/MBA is an experienced medical device and pharmaceutical professional with international market research experience. She has authored numerous reports on topics ranging from the treatment of obesity to ablation devices, from wound care to the treatment of chronic migraine. Her strong focus areas include oncology, treatment of chronic disease, the latest in surgical devices and analysis of potential acquisitions.

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Chapter- 1: Introduction3Free
Chapter- 2: Summary10$250Free
Chapter- 3: Challenges Facing Pharma and Biotech Companies21$296Free
Chapter- 4: Regulatory Overview and New Drug Approvals11$155Free
Chapter- 5: Key Financial Ratios for Pharma and Biotech Companies4$56Free
Chapter- 6: Maximizing Clinical Development Success Rates13$183Free
Chapter- 7: The Advantages of Being—or Acting—Small3$42Free
Chapter- 8: The Digital Transformation of Biopharma Companies14$197Free
Chapter- 9: Leveraging Open Innovation to Solve Development Challenges5$71Free
Chapter- 10: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Oncology14$197Free
Chapter- 11: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Chronic Diseases6$85Free
Chapter- 12: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Cardiovascular Disease4$56Free
Chapter- 13: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Neurological Diseases5$71Free
Chapter- 14: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Infectious Diseases14$197Free
Chapter- 15: The Global Pharma and Biotech Market for Rare Diseases7$99Free
Chapter- 16: The Changing Future of Biopharma Work2$28Free
Chapter- 17: Company Profiles59$832Free
Chapter- 18: Appendix: Acronyms1$14Free
ROI in Pharmaceutical R&D: How to Halt the Decline

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