Global Electric Vehicles Battery Market: Focus on Battery Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Lithium-ion Battery, and Passenger Car Application - Analysis & Forecast - 2017-2026

Mar 2018| BIS020A| BIS Research

Report Highlights

Increasing global concerns regarding the negative effect of climate change along with alarming pollution levels recorded in the major cities have created a significant demand for electric vehicles. A major factor behind the growth of electric vehicles is the support provided by the various governmental agencies to encourage the sale of these vehicles. The market for electric vehicles depends heavily upon the development of its primary component, i.e. the EV battery. Owing to the high demand for electric vehicles, the market for EV batteries has developed significantly over the past decade, with manufacturers focusing their research on introducing cost-effective solutions to be used in automobiles. The introduction and subsequent development of the revolutionary Lithium-ion battery technology has allowed the battery manufacturers to introduce batteries which meet the high performance parameters required to run a vehicle. The development of well-established road infrastructure network has further aided the market growth for these vehicles, with charging points available more frequently on the civilian roads. The market in terms of value is estimated to witness growth at a CAGR of approximately 20% over the forecast period of 2016 to 2026. The report includes a number of segments and chapters which provide an in-depth analysis of the various technological, environmental and cost impacts that are expected to affect the market for EV batteries during the forecast period. The market has also been segmented into type of propulsion offered, types of vehicle, and by the different geographical regions.

The report provides a detailed market analysis and forecast for EV batteries with respect to different propulsion types in the electric vehicles market which are Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Further classification has also been provided with respect to the type of vehicle, with the market divided into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. While highlighting the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also provides a detailed study of the performance of the market across the various geographical regions.

The report addresses the following key questions about the global electric vehicles battery market:

  • What is the global electric vehicles battery market size in terms of value in the period 2017-2026
  • What is the rate of penetration of electric vehicles across the different regions and who are the leading players in the market for electric vehicles and electric vehicle batteries
  • What are the current preferences of the market for electric vehicle batteries with respect to the manufacturer and consumer
  • What are the various factors that are driving the global market for EV batteries during the forecast period
  • What are the different factors challenging the growth of the EV battery market
  • What are the various prominent battery technologies in the current market that are used to power EVs Which technologies possess the highest potential and why
  • How is the cost of the EV battery going to vary during the forecast period What are the possible short-term and long-term implications of the changes in the price of the EV battery
  • What is the role of the start-ups in the EV ecosystem How do the start-ups contribute to the overall market for EV batteries
  • Which will be the dominant vehicle by propulsion type in terms of value during the forecast period
  • Which vehicle type will lead by volume in the global electric vehicles battery market by the end of the forecast period
  • Which type of new strategies are being adopted by the existing market players to make a mark in the industry
  • Which region will lead the global electric vehicles battery market by the end of the forecast period

The report includes an exhaustive analysis of the geographical split into North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The analysis of each of the geographical regions details the individual push and pull forces in addition to the key players from that particular region.

The report examines the role of the leading market players involved in the industry. The Company Profiles section includes highlights of significant information about the key companies involved, along with their financial positions, key strategies & developmental activities of recent years (2014-2017). Some of the key players in the electric vehicle batteries market are automakers, such as Tesla Inc. (U.S.), BYD Company Limited (China), Volkswagen AG (Germany), and General Motors (U.S.). Some of the EV battery manufacturers include Samsung SDI (South Korea), Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (Japan), LG Chem. (South Korea), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), and GS Yuasa International (Japan).

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