Episode 23: The Future of Digitization with Avery Dennison

What do you think of when you hear the word sustainability? Does the term 'digitization' come to mind? While entirely separate entities, the impact that the digital revolution is having on the supply chain front has a direct impact on the ability companies have to truly become sustainable. This week, we sat down with both Tyler Chaffo, Manager of Global Sustainability, and Amir Khoshniyati, Head of NFC Business for Avery Dennison, a global leader in the materials science and manufacturing industry. Together, we talk about the impact that digitization has had on the supply chain process, where sustainability is headed, and how bitcoin fits into all of this.


Clara Mouawad

Clara is the Content Specialist at BCC Research, where she spends her time writing blogs and white papers, designing graphics and thinking up ways BCC can take over the world...like with a podcast.

A world traveler (less so during COVID19, of course), marketing whiz and always thirsty for knowledge, Clara finds innovators in a variety of fields and asks the question that our listeners want to know: How will this industry, technology or company shape how we live and work in the future?

Episode Timeline

  • [00:30]Introducing digitization, sustainability in the material science + manufacturing industry, and Avery Dennison
  • [02:20]Amir's and Tyler's stories
  • [06:04]Avery Dennison's innovative projects currently in the works
  • [11:44]The connection between digitization and blockchain
  • [16:16]The theory of digitization in this IoT era
  • [19:39]Avery Dennison's 2025 global sustainability goals
  • [23:52]What a circular plastic economy is and how Avery Dennison is building one
  • [27:21]The circular economy for labels consortium
  • [30:27]The impact/influence of the pandemic on the industry
  • [36:39]The future of the material science and manufacturing industry in relation to both digitization and sustainability in 10-20 years