Shared Economy: WeWork, Uber, AirBandB, Lift

Target Date - March 2020| Publisher - BCC Publishing| Code - FIN007A

Shared Economy: WeWork, Uber, AirBandB, Lift

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This fresh report examines tangible (non-financial) assets and services sharing in Consumer and durable goods, Apartment/house renting, Ridesharing and carsharing, Office space, Storage/parking space, Business/professional equipment (e.g., hospital equipment) and more. The sharing ecosystem (providers, users, influencers, platforms) is also outlined and probed.

Report Includes
  • A brief outline of sharing ecosystem that include providers, users, influencers, and platforms and impact thereof across major industry verticals
  • Data corresponding to number of sharers, estimated value of assets share, sharing platform revenues etc.; and long-term market outlook (beyond 2024)
  • Projection of future trends in the total demand for different types of assets or services (e.g., vacation accommodations), and sharing’s current/projected future penetration of each of those markets
  • Company profiles of market leading players within the shared marketplace
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