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Published - Apr 2004| Analyst - Review | Code - NAN004E
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As scientists and engineers exploit the tools of nanotechnology to design closer to the molecular level, nanoscale materials engineering will have an increasingly important impact on a number of sectors, including biotechnology, electronics, energy, and industrial products. For example:


  • Advanced Computing-Nanoelectronic devices based on quantum dots or molecular switches will enable next-generation memory and logic chips
  • Cancer Treatment-Nanoparticles are being developed for the targeting and destruction of breast cancer cells
  • Energy Storage-Cathodes fabricated from nanomaterials promise rechargeable batteries with higher energy densities and longer lifetimes
  • Engineered Textiles-Nanofibers improve the properties of lightweight protective gear for public safety and defense professionals
  • Environment-Nanomaterial-based photocatalysts clean the environment and yield surfaces with revolutionary "self-cleaning" properties
  • Metalworking-Nanoengineered copper boasts 6 times the strength of conventional copper
  • Packaging-Nanocomposite plastics that serve as barriers against water vapor and oxygen can increase the shelf life of various foods and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals-Antimicrobial nanocoatings on wound dressings kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and promote healing

    …and the list goes on.


But as captivating as these advances may seem, only the informed should venture into the nano marketplace. Numerous technological and market hurdles to commercialization exist. Success can be achieved only with a keen understanding of the basic science as applied to actual production requirements and market needs. Based on BCC's monthly newsletter, Nanoparticles News, this anthology is a compilation of the news in the fine, ultrafine and nano powder industry. Designed to be concise and readable, the reviews provides information on:


  • Novel processing techniques
  • New products
  • Emerging applications
  • Industry news
  • Recent patents
  • Government contracts
  • Technology transfer
  • R&D
  • Market trends

    …and much more.


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Published - Jun-2003| Analyst - Mindy Rittner| Code - NAN004D

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