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106 Reports in Plastics

Nonwoven Materials & Products

Published - Sep 2010 | Analyst - Calvin Swift| Code - PLS033B

The goal of this report is to provide a detailed and comprehensive study of the global market for nonwoven materials and products used in durable and disposable applications as well as potential business opportunities in the future.

Polymeric Foams

Published - Aug 2010 | Analyst - Charles Forman| Code - PLS008G

Coverage in depth many of the most important technological, economic, political, and environmental considerations in the U.S. polymeric foams industry.

Medical Plastics

Published - Jun 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS009F

The objective of this study is to analyze current and future U.S. markets for medical plastics excluding medical packaging, although several medical devices are often included in studies of medical packaging, such as syringes, kits, tubing, and trays. Includes forecasts through 2015

Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

Published - Apr 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS007D

The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive reference for those interested and/or involved in the use of plastics for packaging healthcare products. This is a wide and varied group of those in the pharmaceutical, medical and plastics industries. Includes forecasts through 2015

High-Performance Films

Published - Feb 2010 | Analyst - Doug Smock| Code - PLS039E

This report contains the details on significant trends affecting high-performance polymer films and their major end-use application markets, including polyesters, nylons, polyolefin-based, polycarbonates, fluoropolymers, cyclic olefin copolymers and polyimides. It includes five-year forecasts through 2015.

Polypropylene Resins and Elastomers

Published - Jan 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS049A

Research report on the Global Market for Polypropylene Resins and Elastomers. Includes forecasts through 2014

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6 Upcoming Reports in Plastics

Thermoformed Plastics: Global Markets

Target Date - May 2019| Author - Srinivasa Rajaram| Code - PLS047E| Price - $5,500

Report Includes

  • A comprehensive overview of thermoformed plastics and their global markets
  • Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2017 and 2018, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2023
  • Quantification of consumption markets for major types of plastics used as thermoformed materials into each of their major applications, which include rigid food and healthcare packaging, automobiles, building products, and an array of consumer and industrial/commercial products
  • Information on the market dynamics of thermoformed plastics, which include resin producers, plastic sheet producers, thermoformers and those in the major industries using these products
  • A look at the impact of regulatory, environmental, and legislative issues impacting the global market
  • Profiles of the major companies that produce the key plastic materials that are converted into thermoformed products

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Thermally Conductive Plastics: Types and Global Markets

Target Date - May 2019| Author - BCC Research Staff| Code - PLS105A| Price - $5,500

Report Includes

  • An overview of thermally conductive plastics market
  • Discussion of potential benefits of conductive polymers
  • Information on active ingredients of thermally conductive plastics
  • A look at the government emphasis on efficient plastic waste management and rising concern related to plastic disposal
  • Discussion on drivers, restraints, opportunities, innovation and key trends in the conductive plastics market
  • Quantification and characterisation of market by resin types, end use industry, region as well as market dynamics for each segment
  • Comprehensive profiles of the major players of the market

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