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112 Reports in Plastics

Biodegradable Polymers

Published - May 2011 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS025D

The global biodegradable polymer market is expected to have its largest growth over the next 5 years, dominated by packaging and usage in fibers. The global biodegradable polymer market is estimated at 932 million pounds in 2011 and is expected to increase at a 22.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach nearly 2.6 billion pounds in 2016.

EMI/RFI: Materials and Technologies

Published - Apr 2011 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS005J

Global demand for EMI/RFI shielding options is estimated at about $4.5 billion in 2011 and is expected to increase to $5.2 billion by 2016, a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.8%.

Composites: Resins, Fillers, Reinforcements, Natural Fibers & Nan...

Published - Jan 2011 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS029C

The North American fiber-reinforced plastic/composite market is estimated at 2.7 billion pounds in 2010 and is expected to increase to about 3.1 billion by 2015, reflecting a 2.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

2010 Plastics Research Review

Published - Jan 2011 | Analyst - Various Analysts| Code - PLS051A

The 2010 Plastics Research Review is designed to provide a glimpse into some of the market research reports we published this year. In the pages of this Review you will find excerpts from reports covering key plastics markets.

Rigid Transparent Plastics

Published - Oct 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS003H

This report covers rigid, clear, non-packaging plastic products, which include injection molded, non-film extrusion, and thermoforming (including cast sheet).The objective of this study is to provide an analysis of rigid transparent plastics in terms of current and forecasted usage. Geographic scope of this report is the North American market.

Bioplastics: Technologies and Global Markets

Published - Sep 2010 | Analyst - Doug Smock| Code - PLS050A

The focus of this report is plastics that are made from renewable resources such as biomass or food crops. This report examines the the global potential for bioplastics in markets that include packaging, automotive, consumer goods, and construction. Forecasts through 2015 are provided

Nonwoven Materials & Products

Published - Sep 2010 | Analyst - Calvin Swift| Code - PLS033B

The goal of this report is to provide a detailed and comprehensive study of the global market for nonwoven materials and products used in durable and disposable applications as well as potential business opportunities in the future.

Polymeric Foams

Published - Aug 2010 | Analyst - Charles Forman| Code - PLS008G

Coverage in depth many of the most important technological, economic, political, and environmental considerations in the U.S. polymeric foams industry.

Medical Plastics

Published - Jun 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS009F

The objective of this study is to analyze current and future U.S. markets for medical plastics excluding medical packaging, although several medical devices are often included in studies of medical packaging, such as syringes, kits, tubing, and trays. Includes forecasts through 2015

Plastics for Healthcare Packaging

Published - Apr 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS007D

The objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive reference for those interested and/or involved in the use of plastics for packaging healthcare products. This is a wide and varied group of those in the pharmaceutical, medical and plastics industries. Includes forecasts through 2015

High-Performance Films

Published - Feb 2010 | Analyst - Doug Smock| Code - PLS039E

This report contains the details on significant trends affecting high-performance polymer films and their major end-use application markets, including polyesters, nylons, polyolefin-based, polycarbonates, fluoropolymers, cyclic olefin copolymers and polyimides. It includes five-year forecasts through 2015.

Polypropylene Resins and Elastomers

Published - Jan 2010 | Analyst - Melvin Schlechter| Code - PLS049A

Research report on the Global Market for Polypropylene Resins and Elastomers. Includes forecasts through 2014

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